lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Taylor Swift, 1st CD.

I love everyone who's inspired me to write a song, whether you know it or not. I love anyone who has ever turned the volume up when my song comes on the radio, anyone who has bought this album. Anyone who can sing along to my songs when I play them live. Anyone who's ever requested my song on the radio, or even remembered my name. If you ever see me in public, I want to meet you. I will thank you myself. You have let me into your life, and I will never be alone to thank you enough for that. I love YOU and I love God for putting you in my life.


P.S: To all the boys who thought they would be cool and break my heart, guess what? Here are 14 songs written about you. HA.

Próximamente- Taylor Swift, 2nd CD: Fearless.

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